Approved by Mother Earth

CRISP is fresh, and fresh is what CRISP lives by. From
our food to our packaging, it's you we've been thinking about: the environment-concious, beautifully well-
nourished being that makes you you.


Corn resin plastic that's totally biodegradable, and specially
coated eco-friendly papers. Every word that's in print, from
those you see on our recycled paper napkins to our take-out
container stickers, is printed with enviornment-friendly soy inks.

Organic when we can get them, but always sourced and
delivered fresh daily. CRISP's food is prepared and served
fresh every day; our trans-fat free oil is replaced every 24
hours too. and every day CRISP beings you a fresh opportunity
to invent yet another irresistable taste combination.

Our culinary maxim is
daily made, freshly baked.

Our vegetables and other ingredients are
organic when we can, fresh because we must.

Our mission is to provide our customers with
health-wise, flavor-smart, nutritious food.

Part of caring for our customers is carding for their futures...
Our primary focus is on
respect and consideration for the planet.

CRISP and the artisans at Amanzi Teas have worked hand-
in-hand to offer you a heavenly sipping experience. They've
created special whole-leaf brews that particulary
complement our menus items

Think you've got the pita thing down? Ordinary pitas can't make
memorable meals like CRISP's. Our pitas are baked from scratch
every few hours.

What's in CRISP's food for you? Monounsaturated fats, vitamins
B1, C, and E, iron, zinc, dietary fiber, and other essentials. And you
get them fresh every day for their most potent effects.

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