We Came, We Saw, We Got Cooking

CRISP gives the Big Apple the kind of fusion it really
wants: fresh and fast; classic and new... and it's all 100%
vegetarian. Craving something unique? CRISP offers a
combo of centuries-old Mediterannean food favorites and
today's nutrition-packed add-ins. In addition, CRISP is as
green as green gets, with the use of renewable, recycled
and recycable resoucres at its core.

CRISP does it by getting you involved in recycling,

advancing biodegradability, and conserving energy because
we're pledged to improving environmental health. When you
eat at CRISP, you get ulta-fresh, wholesome food and a
happy, healthful eating experience.

CRISP's co-founder and managing director, Alon Kruvi, comes from three generation of restaurants. A down-to-earth mix of top-quality food tossed with a unique knack for mixing flavors is his speciality. Rakesh Barmecha, CRISP's co-founder and chief executive, saw a need for fresh, dynamic food and decided that he and his former schoolmate should 'cook something up' in NYC.

what makes CRISP better than other vegetarian options? Finely
tuned technique, perfected over decades. We start with fresh,
hotter-than-hot oil, then flash-fry our lightly spiced ingredients to
get the tops in taste and texture without a drop of grease. Add chef
Kruvi's creative spin on 'go-withs', and you'll see why CRISP's tag
is "Syncs your taste with your conscience."

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